HIAB Operator Training East Midlands

HIAB (Lorry Mounted) Training Courses

Max 4 students per course

On-site training:

Your company must provide the necessary machine or equipment.

Course duration:

  • 1 Day Refresher course: (for experienced drivers & operatives only)
  • 2-3 Day Novice Course: (for those who have no operational experience)
  • Course durations can vary depending on the number of trainees.
  • Helping to cut your Company training costs.

Course details:

On successful completion of this theoretical and practical training course trainees will be able to operate the lorry mounted crane safely and skilfully. They will have practiced making the vehicle stable & manoeuvring the crane,  and slinging and moving loads from the vehicle bed onto the ground surface & visa versa and will have been instructed in pre-shift inspection.
The Company will be issued with Certification for all successful candidates.

Course cost:

£210.00 per day (This is total cost per day and not per person)